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Mock stock is an online real-time stock trading event, with a net duration of 10 days. Twenty real-time stocks from Wall Street will be provided to the participants, along with an initial purse. Depending on the participants' knowledge of how the stock market works, the objective is to put bets on whether a particular stock would rise or fall. It's double or nothing! The top 3 on the leaderboard will win cash prizes.

Mock stock is a targeted guessing cum stock-trading event. Initially, all the participants will be provided with a net purse of some points. Prices of twenty stocks existing in the Wall Street stock exchange will be made available to the participants, for a duration of 10 days. The task is to keep a close watch on the stock and predict if it'll rise or fall. Every guess consumes some points and every correct guess earns twice as many points. At the end of the 10th day, the top 3 participants will win exciting cash prizes.

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