Mock IPL Auction

Know about Mock IPL Auction

IPL Auction !!

Love Cricket? Ever Wanted to own a team? Bid for the players you love and make your dream team. Place your bets wisely or else you will be clean bowled, because the winner takes it all.

Prelims : 29th February 2020

Final : 1st March 2020

Venue : KP Basu Memorial Hall, Jadavpur University

Business Auction

Business Auction is a bidding competition which will test the prediction skills, financial management skills and at the same moment the knowledge of identifying your assets.There will be a pool of cricketers of all the attributes , i.e. batsmen, bowlers and all-rounders , who’ll be divided into respective pools according to a specific attribute such as spin bowlers/fast bowlers , and will be available for selection for the participants with a specific starting base price associated with their names. The participants will have to form a team by buying players of their choice after bidding for the player being announced and placing a bid higher than any other team bidding for the same player in order to get him into the team, keeping track of their remaining funds at the same time for the rest of the process. The team having the highest overall rating of the playing squad wins.

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Rules and Regulations

1. It is a team event the minimum team should be consist of 2 and maximum will be 4.

2. A maximum of 8 teams will be allowed for the final round of the auction. Teams will be selected on the basis of the results of the first round.

3. Each team will be provided with a virtual starting amount, which will be considered as the individual team budget. Teams will have to bid for players and buy them.

4. AT ANY MOMENT OF THE GAME, Teams crossing the stipulated budget stand to be disqualified.

5. UNSOLD players in the final round to be put up for auction at TEAMS request or on-demand. THE PLAYERS LIST will be provided at the time of registration and the grades of players will be revealed only at the AUCTION TABLE.

6. Each team can have a maximum of 7 foreign players.

7. Team with the highest overall rating wins the competition.

Format of the Auction


The preliminary round will be a mini-auction where all the participating teams start with a given budget and choose 5 players from a pool of uncapped players , with the corresponding amount (price of the player after bidding) being deducted from their budget. The 8 teams having highest overall ratings will qualify for the main round with the remaining budget and the 5 uncapped players added to their team , where they bid for the main players.

Final Round

The final round would be a normal IPL auction where international players of different nationalities and categories (seamers,spinners,batsmen etc.) go under the hammer and the teams bid for the player and the team who bids last for the player gets him into the team and pays him the corresponding amount. The participating teams are required to form a squad of 20 players , within the allocated budget. The budget for each team in this round will be the amount left with them after the first round.